The gorgeous and serene campus of ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL B.D.BARI has its own saga to share which is full of adversity, effort and at the last triumph over all those complexities. ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL B.D.BARI came into existence in 1989 at Bari Brahmana town.

On 01 Apr 1994 the school was named as Army School BD Bari vide Army HQ New Delhi (AWES) letter No B/42044/AWES/28/CW-4 (a) – 3 dt 22 Jul 1994. During the academic session 1999-2000 it was upgraded to Secondary School vide CBSE letter No CBSE/7323/98-99/5915/18 dated 24 Sep 1998. From 01 Apr 2004 the school was further upgraded to Senior Secondary School. It has been recognized by CBSE vide their letter No CBSE/AFF/7323/ 2004/3162-65 dated 03 Mar 2004 and again on 1st July 2011 the school was redesignated as ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL.

It is an English medium co-educational Senior Secondary institution .The School aims at imparting the all-round education to equip students mentally, morally, physically and culturally to become responsible citizens with global awareness. The school strives towards all-round development of students in art, culture, music, dance, language, yoga and computer literacy besides the broad educational curriculum. Students are also given extensive guidance about career and help preparing them for life beyond school premises. The school offers the following streams