Under ISA following activities were conducted in the month of Sep-Oct :-

1. First activity under the topic Festivals-Celebrate forever was an article spoken by the students of class VII and VIII in the morning assembly .They spoke about the different Festivals which are celebrated  in countries like India, Bhutan ,Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka .This activity was fruitful as the learners got an opportunity to get closer to culture, religion and tradition of the said countries.

The  pivotal  aim of the activity was  to promote global harmony


2. Second ISA activity performed under the topic Festivals-Celebrate forever was Poster Making Competition and Collage Competition. The students of class  7th  & 8th participated enthusiastically in them. They drew posters on the famous festivals of the five countries under study i.e. India, Bhutan ,Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka. They also portrayed the maps and the flags of the above mentioned countries. As posters are supposed to be concise communication tools so the desideratum of the activity was to allure enthrallment and provoke curiosity regarding the famous festivals spread awareness about them and equip the learners with the global knowledge of the festivals of various countries. The second phase of the activity was collage making on Festivals-Celebrate forever. The main objective of this activity was to make students aware of different festivals as festivals enable us  to share our joy with the world.The learners were actively involved in these activities and depicted a keen interest in enhancing their knowledge and apprehension  regarding famous festivals.


3.  Third activity performed the topic Festivals-Celebrate forever was an enactment performed by the students of class 7th and 8th in the morning assembly . The enactment embarked with a question by a child who is curious to know about various festivals. Then the students of class 7th and 8th performed different dance forms related to festivals of countries like India ,Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Srilanka and their performance was mesmerizing and eye catching. The activity focused to develop critical thinking in the students and enabled them to analyze the importance of festivals in our lives. After the enactment the entire school atmosphere was filled with joy and enthusiasm.


4.  As festivals are not just about celebration but are in fact imbued with deep inner significance. Keeping this in mind, the students of class 7th and 8th organized a fair in the school with theme- Festival Bonanza. The students were divided into five groups delineating five countries viz. India, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Srilanka. Each group came forth and disseminated information about the famous festivals, special dishes prepared on that festival of their respective countries and their notability. Students who visited the Fair were imparted with information of festivals their culture and cuisines. This helped the students to understand the rituals of different festival and they developed liking for the festivals and celebrations. This activity was copious in helping the entire school to know about the famous festivals of various countries.



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