It is widely accepted that the traditional chalk and talk model of content – oriented teaching cannot adequately prepare young people for the future .We need to shift focus emphasis on value – oriented experiential learning .To counter the challenges that the schools across the world are grappling with , a holistic and promising ISA approach is a solution to most of our issues.

We, APS BD BARI performed an ISA project  in the month of August 2018 with 150 students of class X and XII under the topic – FATAL DISEASES -HATE THE DISEASE NOT THE DISEASED ( IN-HOUSE). The fatal diseases of five major countries  i.e., India, Malaysia, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal were discussed and four activities were performed under this topic so that the learners will be able understand the causes , effects, precautions and treatment of various deadly diseases those are spreading globally.

Common deadly diseases of above mentioned countries-

Stroke, Lower respiratory infections, HIV,  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, Trachea, bronchus and lung cancers,  Diabetes mellitus,  Alzheimer’s Disease, Diarrheal Diseases, Tuberculosis,  Cirrhosis,etc.

Under ISA following activities were conducted in the month of August :-

1. As a part of the ISA Project “Fatal Diseases: Hate the disease, but not the diseased “. The students of 10th and 12th class of APS BD Bari were divided into five groups to collect information about the fatal diseases of India , Bangladesh , Nepal , Malaysia and Bhutan. The multifarious tasks undertaken during the session provided the sophomores buoyant and enjoyable opportunities which metamorphosed the teaching – learning experience also giving us a chance to peep into the various diseases of other countries too. APS BD Bari School instills in its children the attributes like perseverance, empathy, diligence , moral & ethical potency that adorns one’s personality admiringly, leaving its indelible imprints on the boundless recollections of an individual. The institution distinctively emphasizes upon the holistic growth of its children with the focus to produce globally aware citizens who would contribute effectively to the Indian society & serve the international boundaries at large. The project included assignment sheets wherein the students gather information about the fatal diseases like Cholera , Influenza , Tuberculosis , Whooping cough , Ebola , Ischemic Heart disease , etc of India , Bangladesh , Nepal , Malaysia and Bhutan and pen down it beautifully on the assignment sheets to share it globally .




2. The second activity performed by the students of class X and XII was the preparation of PPT on different diseases in the countries mentioned and their effect on economy of the said countries. Under this activity students were divided in five groups representing five countries i.e., India, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia and Bangladesh. They did immense research on the given topic to prepare wonderful PPTs. They surfed internet, took help from science teachers, magazine etc. They put emphasis on global dimensions of the activity. They made some slides showing data analysis of different diseases and their affect on the economy globally.




3. The information regarding the topic“Fatal Diseases: Hate the disease, but not the diseased “ was shared by a student of class 12th with all the students of the school during the morning assembly about fatal diseases which are commom in India , Bangladesh , Nepal , Malaysia and Bhutan. The students were sensitized about the various diseases and also made them aware about the precautions and remedial measures. The speaker shared the information with good expressions and fluency. All the students and teachers enjoyed and applauded the efforts of the speaker.




4. Fourth activity was ” SLOGAN WRITING COMPETITION” among students of class X and XII. As we all know that a slogan is a short and striking or memorable motto or phrase used as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose, with the goal of persuading members of the public or a more defined target group. So it should be written to have a long lasting effect on everyone. The topic for this competition was “ HATE THE DISEASE NOT THE DISEASED” . The main objective of this activity was to develop life skill of Empathy towards a diseased person. One should help a patient in every possible manner so that he /she could recover. Patients already fighting with fatal diseases need support from family members and society. They should not be isolated. It is said that the good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease. Love and care are the true healers of disease. We should not hate the diseased but the root causes of diseases i.e. poverty, illiteracy, hunger, malnutrition etc. Governments of all countries should implement all social welfare programmes effectively as it is a global problem.




After going through these wonderful activities and immense research students came to know about health status of given Asian countries globally and its effect on the economic condition of the countries. Students compared the data collected by them from various resources and tried to look at the problem taking in consideration the global dimensions.


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