International Collaborative Activity

Topic –  Food Habits ‘Eat Healthy ,Stay Healthy’

1. First activity under the topic Food Habits ‘Eat Healthy ,Stay Healthy’ was conducted on a Powerpoint Presentation describing the above said topic was shown to the students of class 3rd  and 4th and it encompassed- Food Preferences, Food around the world ,Factors affecting food habits viz. religion, culture belief economic and social determinants. Famous cuisines of four stipulated countries India, France, China and Japan were shown to them along with their importance.


After showing the PPT a brainstorming session was conducted in which students put forth their ideas and understanding of the above said topic.

The  pivotal  aim of the activity is to spread awareness of determinants of Food Habits diet and cuisine in different countries.

2. Second activity performed the topic  Food Habits ‘Eat Healthy ,Stay Healthy’ was an act on Healthy Food and Junk Food performed by the students of class 3rd and 4th in the morning assembly on 7th May 2018. The act embarked with a  Tug of War between one group representing Healthy Food Items and another representing Junk Food Items in which healthy food items group emerged as winner.


Then various students came forward and delineated  various Healthy Food Items and Junk Food items along with their benefits and hazards respectively. The activity focused to develop critical thinking in the students and  enabled them to analyze healthy eating habits and diet. The act ended with a message for the entire school that we should follow healthy eating habits.

3. Third  ISA activity performed under the topic  Food Habits ‘Eat Healthy ,Stay Healthy’ was Poster Making Competition and Slogan Writing Competition. The students of class  3rd & 4th participated enthusiastically in them. They drew posters on the famous and preeminent cuisines of the four countries under study i.e. India, China ,France and Japan. They also portrayed the maps and the flags of the above mentioned countries. As posters are supposed to be concise communication tools so the desideratum of the activity was to allure enthrallment and provoke curiosity regarding the famous cuisines,  spread awareness about them and equip the learners with the global knowledge of the food habits of various countries.


The second phase of the activity was slogan writing on Healthy Food and Junk Food. As slogan is a memorable motto or phrase used for a repetitive expression for idea or purpose and its goal was to persuade the students with the notion to develop healthy food habits and discard junk foods. The learners were actively involved in these activities and depicted keen interest in enhancing their knowledge and apprehension  regarding enrooting Healthy Food Habits.

4. Fourth  ISA activity under the topic Food Habits ‘Eat Healthy ,Stay Healthy’ was    a Dance  Enactment on  “Famous cuisine and Healthy eating habits” of the four countries under study i.e. India, China, France and Japan. on 17th May, 2018   conducted in  the morning assembly . The Dance Enactment was performed by the students of class 3rd  and 4th and their performance was mesmerizing and eye catching.  In this activity the students  demonstrated specialty of food with regards to belief, social and cultural factors The students were divided into four groups delineating four countries viz. India, China, Japan France . Each group came forth and disseminated information about the famous cuisines of their  respective countries and their notability .



It was a feast to eyes to watch the budding kids   acting like fountainheads of knowledge expounding about the food habits of various countries. As children  enacted, they were actively involved in it. This activity stimulated their imagination , escalated  their social development  and proved vital for the students in understanding cultural diversity of the different countries with regard to the food habits. This activity was copious in helping the entire school know about the famous cuisines of various countries. 


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