The British Council International School Award (ISA) is a benchmark scheme that accredits schools as having an outstanding level of support for:-

  • Nurturing Global citizenship in young people
  • Enriching Teaching and Learning

Under ISA following activities were conducted in the month of April:-

1. An Inter Class Scrap Book Competition was organised for the students of Class VIII. The topic of the competition was “Available natural resources and their contribution to the economy”. For the global awareness, the students were given the countries like Iran, China, India and Pakistan to study the available natural resources and to collect the information with regards to methods of natural resource management.  



2. An Inter class essay writing competition was also organised under ISA for class IX with the theme “save natural Resources”     


3. Slogan and Poster making activity was also conducted under ISA for the students of the Class VIII & IX. In this activity, the students made posters, slogans and took a rally in the nearby residential area to motivate the people regarding natural resources and its management.    


4. Students of class VIII &IX collected information about best methods to save nature and natural resources.

Natural resources are utilized by human beings either directly or indirectly for survival. The examples of natural resources are air, soil, water, sunshine, coal, plants, animals, and minerals. Additionally, nature acts as the sole provider for our fundamental needs which includes food, clothing and shelter.

Everything we utilize in our day to day lives is drawn from the available natural resources. Besides, the artificial resources are derived from the available natural resources. However, we never think that these resources might get depleted eventually if used irresponsibly. The surging global population, rapid urbanization and industrialization have created an increased demand on the available resources.

Proper steps need to be taken to ensure that we continue enjoying these resources and failure to do that, the future generation will face tremendous hardships. Natural resource conservation ensures that the ecological balance is maintained.

Below are the best ways to save  natural resources.

  1. Use of alternative sources of power such as solar and wind energy.
  2. Plant trees to prevent soil erosion.
  3. Practicing of judicious ways to conserve water in our homes.
  4. Growing of vegetation in catchment areas..
  5. Treatment of industrial wastes and sewages before they are released in the water bodies
  6. Rain harvesting.
  7. Practice judicious ways of conservation energy.
  8. Use of biogas in our homes.
  9. Use of bio-fuels. For more than a century, fossil fuels have been a major source of energy.
  10. Ensure the recycling of wastes..
  11. Planting trees in home compounds..
  12. Make use of electronic mails.
  13. Use earth-bags instead of plastic and paper bags.
  14. Use energy saving fluorescent bulbs
  15. Industries can ensure the make production efficient to reduce wastage.
  16. Use ceramic cups to consume the daily cup of coffee rather than using disposable mugs.
  17. Reuse old furniture..
  18. Practice crop rotation.
  19. Translocation of wild animals.
  20. Encourage the use of drip irrigation.
  21. Establish special schemes to preserve endangered plant and animal species.
  22. Constructions of reservoirs
  23. Formulate regulations to stop overfishing.
  24. Control the number of cattle in a household to prevent overgrazing.
  25. Constructing terraces and gabions in sloping land.


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