Subjects for admission test will be as follows:-

(a) Class I : Oral test/Interview only.

(b) Class II – V : One composite paper of 100 marks including Enlgish (35), Hindi (30) & Maths (35).

(c) Class VI – X : One composite paper of 100 marks including Enlgish (25), Hindi (25),  Maths (25) 7 General Science (25).

(d) Class XI : No admission test will be conducted for admission to Class XI. However, the admission to Class XI will be based on the Class X board result.

Age for Admission:-

The student should complete the under mentioned years of age as on 31 Mar of the year in which admission is sought.

Class I (5 yrs), Class II (6 yrs), Class III (7 yrs), Class IV (8 yrs), Class V (9 yrs), Class VI (10 yrs), Class VII (11 yrs), Class VIII (12 yrs), Class IX (13 yrs) & Class X (14 yrs).

Filling of Admission Form:-

(a) Based on availability of vacancies, the parents of students will be issued the admission form strictly in the order of the merit.

(b) The parents will ensure the following while submitting the admission form to the reception/admission clerk:-

  • That all the columns in the admission form have been filled completely.
  • That the date of birth filled in the form is correct as per the TC and the birth certificate attached.
  • That the original TC duly countersigned by appropriate authority authenticating that the last school where pupil studied is recognized institution has been attached along with the admission form.
  • That the certificate from commanding officer of the unit regarding date of reporting (for mid transfer only) has been attached with the admission form.
  • That the medical fitness certificate has been endorsed on the admission form by authorized medical practitioner.
  • That the date of birth certificate from MH/other Govt Hospital having proper registration number duly stamped and signed by issuing Doctor/State Registration Authority of birth, Affidavit from parents duly attested by notary Public Magistrate, attested copy of part 2 order in case of serving defence personnel/certificate duly signed by commanding officer quoting part 2 order no. and date.
  • That photocopy of the progress report card of previous class has been attached.
  • That the salary/employment certificate for civil defence personnel has been attached.
  • That migration certificate in original by the students seeking admission in Class XI from other board attached.
  • That the passport size photograph of the child has been pasted on the admission form.

Deposition of Fee for New admission:-

The parents will deposit fee within a week after declaration of result of admission test, failing which the name of the child will be struck off from the admission list.

Fee Payments:-

(a) Fee payment will be collected at PNB, Army School Bari Brahmana Cantt.(J&K) in each quarter in advance.

(b) Students who fail to deposit fee in the notified dates can do so on the dates mentioned in the same month and still left out, on the dates mentioned in the next month along with fine as applicable.

(c) In case fee is not deposited even with the late fee fine mentioned in the fee book, the name of the student will be struck off from the school rolls and the student will not be allowed to enter the class any more. Re admission of the child in such a case will be at the discretion of Principal.

(d) Refund of security deposit if not claimed within two years after taking TC shall not be paid.